Mission and Vision

Technology Passion Success

We are a training center that is dedicated to the sports practice of Soccer and Futsal, through innovative sports training programs, aimed at all children and young people from the entire Goshen  Community and Elkhart County in the state of Indiana,who wish to learn and practice this beautiful sport without distinction of race, color and gender, with the intention of competing in the different leagues and state tournaments. We will define Revolutionary Soccer Training as a physical place where children go to practice this sport, deepening in the athlete the human values ​​that we can teach through sports practice such as; respect, companionship, discipline and self-confidence.

 Revolutionary Soccer Training is working with the supervision of trained professionals with extensive sports experience, our curriculum comes under the Coerver Methodology, as well as with the latest technology professional soccer equipment from the European company Elite Skills Arena (ESA), which help the development of physical and psychomotor technical skills of the player. All these tools are viable for the development of soccer players since they guarantee for them a series of technical, physical and tactical movements in reduced spaces. In general terms, the overall purpose of this center is to begin with the teaching of this sport, without any type of excessive ambition in the competitive area, with the intention of giving the player a solid motor base and later, if they have physical and mental possibilities, begin to work on them so that they can become highly competitive athletes.